American Eagle

We Are The New America


An evolution of the empowering #WeAllCan platform, The BTS 2017 campaign was a portfolio of the diverse, un-retouched faces that represent the next generation of the American dream for everyone. Rooted in denim styling—a signature code of American Eagle, and a wardrobe staple of Young America—the campaign exuded a fresh, contemporary energy that embodied the Millennial attitude.


The digital first campaign combined well-known influencers with up-and-comers to amount to a diverse cast that spanned across races, genders, religious backgrounds and identities—a complete portrait of the multicultural, progressive American youth of today. From dancing to skateboarding, rapping to riding the rodeo, we captured this cast expressing themselves while A Tribe Called Quest’s classic “Can I Kick It” set the mood. The campaign spanned multiple layers of content for each talent on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, including takeovers on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.