Soulcycle #FindYourSoul

Riding into a new age of luxury fitness

SoulCycle is the original boutique fitness brand and has pioneered the category for over ten years. In 2017, SC engaged L+P to develop a cohesive brand platform and overarching campaign, the first of its kind for the brand.

/   Idea

Every rider comes to SoulCycle with a different story. Every instructor has an individual strength. SoulCycle is a brand built to carry every rider on to their own unique goals – to take the journey, change your body, and find your SOUL. L+P partnered with SoulCycle to distill this key brand mantra and amplify it across digital channels.

/   Activation

To activate FIND IT, We tapped SoulCycle’s key instructors to participate in the campaign by sharing what motivates them, and how they bring their own individual vibe to their teaching style. To support the FIND IT platform, we created instructor stories that were released in the weeks following launch. We invited a selection of key riders to participate and share what they’ve discovered in their SOUL journeys. To further enhance our campaign message, L+P reimagined a yearly initiative, ‘Turn It Up’, and created a whole new program that allowed riders to personalize their goals.