Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel

Reshaping a category and changing the conversation

Lane Bryant, the premier retailer of plus-size fashion since 1904, wanted to help change the perception of the plus woman, and propel her to place in culture where she had never been seen before.

L+P dived deep into the plus woman’s community online and in modern culture to gain insight into her world. What we learned from the conversation: she loved herself just the ways she was, and she was ready to be seen and heard. With plus-size influencers and celebrities stepping into the spotlight, it was time for a brand to champion the everyday plus-size woman, as well.

/   Idea

We redefined the concept of sexy. We took the language of the leading intimates apparel brand and flipped it on its head. And with that, #ImNoAngel was born. We created a campaign that liberated and lauded the plus woman as confident, sexy, real and empowered.

/   Activation

Our activation strategy was designed to amplify our message through a primarily out-of-home campaign. We put her in key cities and applications that attracted maximum foot traffic, putting her front and center, a place she had never been.

The campaign spread like wildfire across social media, and was picked up by countless mainstream news media outlets. We opened up an entirely new facet of the plus-size conversation to the masses, putting her in places where she had never before been seen (and celebrated).


/   Results

#ImNoAngel received multiple accolades, including an Effie for Integrated Fashion Campaign and two Clio Awards. It also delivered on its primary objectives; to help level the playing field and create a conversation for an underrepresented group of consumers, as well as to put Lane Bryant back at the center of the plus size conversation.